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IPAC Specialized Packing LLC has been providing crating services, securement and industrial packaging services for over 30 years in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

We are committed to provide each customer with unsurpassed packaging products and wood crating services to exceed their expectations. We are dedicated to customer service, bringing an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of packing to every project.

Our staff is trained to professionally package your products and address any and all unexpected on-site job conditions.
IPAC Specialized Packing LLC provides you the confidence of knowing that your product will reach its destination in good condition.

Chairman Message

Dear Visitor,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our website and to introduce you to our vision, strategy and culture.


The past few years have brought about tremendous challenges and opportunities to IPAC. Business is moving faster, volatility is higher, and technology changes rapidly. Through these factors, and with more than 30 years of experience, we have built up a strong and solid reputation.


We can't do everything, so let's not try. We do just what we are supposed to do and get it right.


IPAC isn't just "another packaging manufacturer", it is the specialized packaging manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience that you need.

Chairman of IPAC

About Us

Our Experience:
Our company has more than 30 years of experience in Packing.

IPAC brings you more than 30 years of research and application and exclusively propose the IPAC Gas Packing solution for long term preservation.

Our Team: 
Comprised of mobile specialists, our team is trained in all of our services.

IPAC packaging processes and crating can all be done at your premises, at external yards or in our workshop. We even offer in-house contracts.

A unique Know-how:
IPAC has created the IPAC process which is a unique gas packaging solution.

This process ensures a physical chemical protection under modified atmosphere which is extremely safe.

Mission & Vision

Why choose us?

With our expertise, experienced staff and innovative packaging methods, we are guaranteed to meet all your packaging needs. The possibilities are endless...


We always stay a step ahead from re-imagining and improving packing methods, to inventing new solutions always anticipating.

We always stay a step ahead from re-imagining and improving packing methods, to inventing new solutions always anticipating.


Through the years, IPAC has devoted itself to focus on applying excellent customer relation management, providing superior customer service and creating a strong national and international brand image. By strictly adhering to these principles we've become the client's first choice when choosing high quality packaging solutions.

1 Heart 1 Tree

Be a part of “One Heart One Tree”

Can you imagine to plant a real tree?

IPAC is proud to offer you this exclusive and unique opportunity.

At IPAC we are taking the carbon emission foot print very seriously and we have pro actively taken action to reduce the green house gas emissions having a responsible policy with our supliers and using wood coming from forests with sustainable practices, and optimizing all our processes to ensure that every package done by IPAC is the most environmentally friendly.

We are involved to protect the nature and reforest our world on every continent and have decided to support this amazing project created by the French artist Naziha Mestaoui.

Let's plant real trees and reforest the planet! 

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