Industrial Packing

Industrial Packing (Conventional Packing)


Customized Packing Solutions
Our customers count on IPAC to provide specialized packing solutions for fragile, heavy, valuable pieces of equipment, climate-sensitive or complex items.

The External Packaging ensures a mechanical protection of the package but it is the first skin that ensures a physical-chemical protection. 

This skin protects the product from degradation agents such as water vapor, sun rays, extreme temperatures and other pollutants. 
This protection can be simple, such as wrapping an object prior to placing it in a crate, or more elaborate, such as in a gas-tight bag or anti-shock/vibration protection. 

Our Company is able to create any packaging from custom made packaging to high tech package.

Our highly-trained packers are experts to care your goods, and IPAC has a solution for every civilian or military industry.
We offer customized packaging systems, highly engineered crate designs and specifications, in-shop or on-site crating to both domestic and international destinations. 

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