Non-Standard Projects

Did you ever think about how to protect hidden treasures located in the reserves of a museum against insects?

IPAC did the packing under modified atmosphere by injection of inert gas of more than 35 000 pieces of art for a famous museum...

Did you ever think how to protect a holy Quran or manuscript, a famous Picasso, old airplane made of wood and textiles from 1913, stuff elephant or a 2500 year old mummy from aging, degradation due to humidity, insects, U.V. rays and dust?


Can you imagine to disassembling a complete wooden Arabic Dhow of 60 Tons, piece by piece, to bring it from the ship-yard to a museum and treating it before re-installation inside the museum?


IPAC brings you an exclusive solution for long term preservation and conservation of your specific piece of art, thanks to the high tech preservation solution that we have developed.

Arabic Wooden Dhow
Stuffed Elephant
Anoxia Arabic Boat
Long preservation
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