How it works


The Gas Packing Process developed by IPAC is a pest control and long term preservation process under a controlled modified gas-tight atmosphere.


It is used to eradicate all kinds of infestation of insects (adults, larvae & eggs) by anoxia (Deprivation of Oxygen).

The Gas Packing & Pest Control processes also stops the ageing process of the fine art by keeping it in ideal conditions without using any chemical.


We have successfully and safely treated more than 100 000 pieces of art for major museums - Louvre France, Musee Picasso, Musee Georges Pompidou, Musee d'Orsay, Musee des beaux Arts de Bordeaux, Maritime & Islamic Museums Sharjah, ... as well as for many galleries and private collectors worldwide.


This highly secure method of conservation is suitable for all organic and non-organic pieces of art which deteriorate over time due to insects and all atmospheric pollutants such as: Corrosion, U.V. rays, dust, sand, bird faeces, etc.

  • The piece of art to be preserved is placed inside a gas-tight enclosure which is made to measure and can be either flexible or rigid.
  • One or two valves are placed on each bag which is then connected to the self-regulating gas generator.
  • The inert gas used (Nitrogen & Helium) is injected into the bag. 
  • We then separately and accurately master the rate of Oxygen and Humidity inside the bag. 
  • The very accurate composition of the atmosphere (Oxygen < 0.1%) is controlled and monitored in real time due to several electronic sensors. We are able to adjust the conditions of the atmosphere depending upon the exact requirements of the client and composition and fragility of each piece of art. 

To eradicate insects it takes from a few days up to 3 weeks. All the goods thus be packed to be stored or sent safely as they are, or packed into a crate/box.

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